Catalyzing the ecosystem and use of
emerging technologies for good

CATALAIZE advises and connects technology innovators,
investors, healthcare organizations, and other industries
to help them all succeed  



  • Product strategy, ideation & innovation

  • IP creation, commercialization & asset inventory

  • Generate new/broad use cases, including for other industries and global markets

  • Technology-product-market fit, competitive analysis & gap analysis

  • User-centered product design & development

  • Product roadmap & architecture

  • Data strategy & architecture

  • Algorithm development & validation

  • Product readiness for enterprise B2B users

  • Stakeholder analysis & partnership building

  • Value proposition, product positioning, messaging, branding

  • Business models & go-to-market strategy
  • Navigating potential customer & partner orgs

  • Solution engineering & requirements gathering

  • Proof of concept, pilots & validation studies

  • Enterprise Pilot-to-Production

  • Implementation & system transition planning

  • Change management, org design, and team coaching


  • Enterprise AI and data strategy and execution; data life cycle management, analytics & business intelligence

  • Enterprise data and technology architecture

  • RPA, automation, process improvement, workflow redesign

  • Knowledge management & models

  • Corporate innovation management & design thinking workshops

  • Emerging technology workshops, use case development, adoption & implementation

  • Create new products, services, business models, care models

  • Identify innovative partners, vendors, acquisition targets

  • Solution alternative analysis & vendor selection

  • Legacy systems consolidation & migration

  • ​Organizational readiness assessment & gap analysis

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy; interaction & experience design


  • Technology due diligence

  • Support portfolio companies

  • Advise on emerging tech & healthcare trends

  • Identify technology & market gaps

  • Market scan & source target companies


Create and execute roadmap to become an AI-powered org, including data life cycle management, automation strategy, new processes and resources.
Set up PoC and MVP pilots for early user validation. Make the product industry ready. Then navigate internal and external stakeholders to scale adoption.
Assess product capabilities and technology architecture to generate new use cases. Identify product gaps in meeting customer needs.
Lead executive workshops in emerging tech, design thinking, empathy building, problem identification, product ideation, prototyping & business model generation.
Foreign market expansion, ecosystem and market landscape, identify value propositions, position competitively, and introduce to partners, customers, investors.
Develop strategy for social media and tech platforms, including data architecture that supports engagement, relationship management, and marketplace partners.
Create personal AI assistants for relationship management, user segmentation, and senior wellness using avatars, chatbots, and advanced NASA JPL technology.
Develop computer vision ML products for emotion & disease detection. Develop medical device vibration & acoustic signal processing algorithms.
Create graph databases for advanced analytics of people, resources, and relationships for resource optimization, AI applications, and intelligent IoT devices.
Product roadmap, go to market strategy, and regulatory approval of tools for operational workflows, segmentation, diagnosis and treatment.
Data management strategy, real-time analytics, and embedded AI algorithms in clinical grade medical devices and consumer wearable sensors.
Expand industrial AR product from automotive manufacturing to healthcare market use cases and industry standards.
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Vision and Strategy  —to—>  Planning and Execution

  • We bring your vision to life


Hands-On Experience as Corporate IT Executives & Agile Startups Co-Founders

  • Comprehensive approach to building your company value

  • B2B and Consumer products and business models

  • Enterprise Technology, Data, AI, and Innovation Strategy, Roadmap, and Execution

Connecting The Dots,  Systems Thinking,  &  Cross-Pollinating Methodologies

  • Across different technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Conversational UI, Graph Knowledgebases, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, etc.)

  • Across different industries' use cases (e.g. Health, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, Sports, Media, Financial, Legal, Government)

  • Across different disciplines (e.g. Business, Design, Engineering, Science, Medicine, Music, Dance, Ethics, and Policy)

  • Across different functional departments (e.g. Operations, IT, Product Management, Business Development, Marketing, Finance, Compliance)

  • Across different stakeholders (understanding different perspectives, needs, and value proposition relevant to each)

Bridging The Old and The New

  • Developing and deploying advanced technologies, tech-enabled services, use case adjacencies, and new business models

  • Integrating new tools and capabilities with old systems, processes, and workforce

  • Sunsetting legacy systems for cost savings

Global Impact, Local Customization




Healthcare AI and RPA

Healthcare AI and RPA

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AARP HealthXL New Models of Care Rep

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Selecting AI Partner

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Smart Phones Global Challenges

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What is Your Super Power?

What is Your Super Power?

What is Your Superpower?

connect_the_docs_cover crop

connect_the_docs_cover crop

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